Check out on insurance

Dear Morgan,

I drive an Audi A4 diesel and I really enjoy the car, but the insurance is killing me.

Any suggestions on where I can find cheaper insurance? - KG

Dear KG,

Firstly, you need to shop around and get comparative quotes.

Some insurance companies offer lower premiums but a higher excess amount in the event of a claim. This may be a good option if you have spare cash saved up somewhere for that eventuality.

Alternatively, there are other interventions that may help you get lower insurance costs.

Is your vehicle fitted with a satellite tracking device? Do you live in an area or suburb that may be considered high risk by insurance companies?

Have you claimed from your insurance recently? For minor repairs like dents and body work you should consider just paying for it out of your own pocket rather than claiming from insurance as your premium is likely to increase.

Lastly, book yourself on an advance driving course like the Audi High Performance course or BMW's driver training course and submit your certificates from the course to your insurance company to get a lower rate.