The Ghost have balls

Today the Usuzwile Mkhozi crew breaks the rules on confidentiality in order to see if we would be reported to the dreaded media ombudsman.

Out in Thokoza, there is this high school with a brand of sports-loving teachers who also strive to see their pupils get the best marks in the land.

And like most South Africans, they just love their diski nine-9.

But watching football must of course be done while at the same time knocking dem biya and brandy bottles flat.

Pump-Gun tells us that on this particular afternoon they headed for Alberton town to cash their salary cheques.

Like most people who get paid at the end of the month, these group of meneerswould normally treat themselves to some goodies.

Indeed after getting their bank notes they headed to a popular roadhouse.

A waitress leans at the window next to the driver.

"O tla thabelang abuti" - what would you like to order, sir, - she quips.

"Mixed grill and a coke."

What a boykie!

"Wena?" and Pump-Gun spells it out, "blondie, my sister, le sprite".

Two more guys also asked for blondie with some drinks.

As the others were placing their orders, Punching Jack or PJ as some call him, was mumbling that they had come to a useless place.

"Why basena take-away ya-biya, sis."

It was silence all round as no one volunteered information.

You see the hulky PJ is quite notorious for arguing with his fists.

We are told that guys like Makhalanjalo and Ndemo can attest to this. They also happen to be supporters of rival teams Amakhosi and Ezenkosi.

You dare say anything funny or bad about Bucs, more so after a loss, you won't need a visit to the dentist for a problematic loose tooth.

Please don't forget that this is a secret which we have promised to keep since 1998.

"Broer wena otla thabela eng?" asks Pump-Gun whom for some reason PJ has a soft spot.

"I think I will appreciate blondie ka papa - blondie with porridge," responded our smiling broer.

Dear reader, for your own sake don't investigate our secret.