Protect your ideas from thieves

Patent your ideas to protect them from unscrupulous competitors.

Patent your ideas to protect them from unscrupulous competitors.

A patent ensures that you are the only manufacturer entitled to produce a product. You can also protect your manufacturing ideas by registering your design rights.

A patent gives you exclusive rights to an invention in the country where the product is registered. But your product is protected from duplication only for a limited period and you need to re-register it when it expires.

Discourage the copying of your product while waiting for registration, by noting on the product "patent pending".

You can claim for infringement of a patent if someone produces a copy of your product while it is patented. The period of patent protection differs from country to country, so register a patent in all countries you want to sell your product.

An inventor can only patent a product if it's new and it will potentially be manufactured.

If you do not manufacture the product, you can license or sell the rights to someone and still make money out of your idea.

A three-dimensional design for a product gets automatic protection as a design right, which protects your design from being duplicated. But unlike patents, design rights are difficult to sell or license.

Protect your designs by registering them. This is a safer way of protecting your designs. This registered protection covers the appearance, lines, contours, shape colours, texture and materials of your product and two-dimensional designs from being copied.

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