MPs live in the lap of luxury

"Madlala-Routledge feels the pinch" screamed the headline.

"Madlala-Routledge feels the pinch" screamed the headline.

A fund has been set up to assist her financially.

Yet Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge has been living in the lap of luxury as a deputy minister for the last seven or eight years.

Her salary and tax-free perks for only one year equal more than most families in South Africa will earn during an entire lifetime.

Even as an ordinary member of parliament she will now earn more than R51000 a month plus numerous tax-free perks.

That amount is due to be significantly increased with a salary adjustment for all MPs and cabinet ministers.

Surely the former deputy minister has some money in the bank to pay back the taxpayers' money she misused.

If we taxpayers start complaining about the government being too harsh on Madlala-Routledge over what she owes, it will really open the floodgates for even more abuses by the many avaricious politicians who seem to think that taxpayers' money is really their own.

Frank Hartry, Kingsburgh