Condom help at hand

Isaac Moledi

Isaac Moledi

The Health Department has urged people who might require more information, or those concerned they might have used the condoms being recalled, to contact the AIDS helpline for more information, education and counselling.

The AIDS helpline number is: 0800-012-322.

The department said yesterday it had increased the number of recalled substandard condoms.

The condoms were supplied by Zalatex, a company charged with bribing an official of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to approve condoms that were not conforming to the quality standards.

As a precautionary measure to maximize the safety of the public, the department said on Monday that it was recalling all condoms supplied by Zalatex and produced by Latex Surgical Products (LSP).

The condoms can be identified by a lot number, 4308/ZLX, printed on the back of every condom above the expiry date.

Health department spokesman Sibani Mngadi said: "We appeal to all partners involved in the distribution of condoms as well as members of the public to assist in identifying these condoms and return them to the nearest health facility."

Zalatex is one of the seven companies awarded the tender to produce male condoms for the government.

Its stake was 9percent of the total of 850 million condoms over two years ending February 2008.

While 7,6million defective condoms are the subject of the case of possible collusion between the company and the SABS official, the Health Department has recalled all 20million condoms that have been supplied by Zalatex since it was awarded the contract.