They thought dead man was sleeping

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

The partly decomposed body of a man dressed in a security guard's uniform had been lying under a bridge for three days because passers-by thought he was sleeping.

Bus passengers travelling daily from Ntuzuma to Durban walked past the Umgeni Bridge to their bus stop.

But some of them said they thought the man was one of the homeless people who sleep under the bridge.

Siwe Gama said many homeless people sought shelter under the bridge.

"We didn't pay attention because we are used to seeing people sleeping there," he said.

"But when we saw this person for the third day in the same spot, we thought he had died.

"That is when we called Sowetan."

Yesterday Sowetan went to the scene and alerted the police.

But the police could not find the body and had to ask for help.

After they located the body, it was moved to the local mortuary.

Police spokesman Vincent Mdunge confirmed that detectives from Newlands West had patrolled the vicinity, but could not find the body.

"They did battle and that is why we asked for Sowetan's help," said Mdunge.

The deceased was found dressed in a guard's uniform, white socks and a brown jersey with red and white stripes. A cellphone was still inside his pocket.

"We do not know the cause of his death. We are appealing for anyone whose relative went missing last week to contact us."