Jail home for rapper Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown. 24/08/07. Pic. John Spellman. © Unknown.
Foxy Brown. 24/08/07. Pic. John Spellman. © Unknown.

Troubled rapper Foxy Brown has been ordered to jail by a New York City judge after violating her probation.

Earlier this week, the star - real name Inga Marchand - pictured, was accused of lying to police about her name and address when she was stopped in New Jersey on July 11.

Officers alleged Marchand was driving while talking on her cellphone and ignoring a stop sign. Upon further investigation, they found she was driving on a suspended licence.

The traffic incident came just a day after she had allegedly attacked a neighbour, Arlene Raymond, with a Blackberry phone.

Marchand, 27, was charged with assault in Brooklyn criminal court last week .

The rapper was summoned to Manhattan criminal court on Wednesday where Judge Melissa Jackson ruled that her recent incidents had violated her probation stemming from and assault conviction last year.

Jackson ordered Marchand to remain behind bars until her next court hearing

Marchand was sentenced to three years' probation last year for assaulting two manicurists in 2004.

The Candy star was also arrested in Florida in February for battery and resisting arrest in a beauty store at Pembroke Pines. - Wenn