Biggest Loser back on

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Following its success, The Biggest Loser, a US reality weight-loss show is back on

The show returns to your small screen on September 3 at 8pm. Unlike other make-over type shows, The Biggest Loser focuses on exercising correctly, losing weight naturally and promotes positive and healthy living.

In the new season 14 overweight people will begin a journey in the hope of reaching their goal of weight loss, getting in shape, and being healthy.

Throughout the 12 episodes individuals will get the chance to compete for prizes and, most importantly, the opportunity to be self-confident about their accomplishments and physical appearance.

This time there will be a battle of the sexes as the teams are split along gender lines.

Eliminations in this season will be judged on total percentage weight lost and not just weight lost during that week as in the previous season.

Every week, there is a weigh-in to determine which team lost the most weight. The team that lost the least must vote off who they believe is not making enough effort to lose weight.

As an added incentive to lose weight, the winner of this season's competition walks away with $250000 and second and third place receive $100000 and $50000 respectively.

A South African version of The Biggest Loser is still in preproduction.