This sporty Americano has athletic presence

Mabuyane Kekana

It is sad that we often write off certain things without giving them a chance.

We like things we know best.

Our fear to try and explore new things has extended to cars as well. I recently road-tested the new Chevrolet Lumina SS. Having not attended the car's launch earlier, I was blown away by it. The Lumina SS is a typical American sedan with lots of power to play.

We all know that the Americans and large cars go hand in hand. The Lumina SS is no different, except that this time around, the Americans borrowed a bit from the Germans on styling.

From the parking lot at the office to the N1, I had already found out what a beast the Lumina SS was.

It also grabbed some attention, something I did not expect from a Chevrolet. Not doing bad at all.

I remember trying to find something wrong. Oh, yes , I did, the sound system. I am not the kind of girl who is into loud speakers and twitters, but I had to take notice of the poor quality of the sound.

You see, not even my "hot" collection MP3 could help.

However, I don't think the sound system can deter you from purchasing the Lumina SS. If music is really that important to you, then you can replace it.

Back to the actual car, the interior layout is appealing and practical. How often do you get a car that can perform on the road and also meet family responsibilities. The Lumina SS is one of a few.

The Lumina offers stylish and dynamic lines that provide a bold presence. The sporty nature of the car is emphasised by the front air dam and rear spoiler that smooth airflow over the vehicle. Striking 18-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior styling package.

The vehicle was specifically designed to offer performance, style, quality, safety and features at a value price. The design brief needed to accommodate these requirements, while creating something truly special for knowledgeable and appreciative buyers.

The Lumina SS is a mature design, which exploits the benefits of a large rear-wheel-drive platform, delivering a classic proportion and athletic stance. It includes subtle sporting details such as the fender vents and dual exhaust outlets which are indicative of the "driver's car" image.

The 6-litre V8 pumps out 270 kW at 5700rpm and peak torque of 530 Nm at 4400rpm.

This car is reasonably priced at R349000.