Farmers stay in jail

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

The case against two Limpopo farmers accused of murdering a man last month after they found him hunting illegally on a farm owned by one of them has been postponed.

The Phalaborwa circuit court yesterday postponed the two men's case to August 31 for a bail hearing.

The accused, Johan van Niekerk, 69, and Gert van Vuuren, 22, were not asked to plead and they were remanded in custody.

The prosecution asked for the postponement to allow for further investigation into the matter.

Both the accused face charges of murder.

A charge of kidnapping against Van Niekerk was withdrawn last week when he appeared in the Gravelotte periodic court and was charged with the murder.

The two farmers are accused of murdering Richard Mkhari of Priesca village near Eiland in the Phalaborwa area.

Mkhari, 40, was allegedly hunting on Van Niekerk's farm when he was apprehended by the two farmers.

Four of the six dogs Mkhariwas hunting with were allegedly shot dead by Van Niekerk while the other two made their way home on the day of the incident.