Money still a handicap for black golfers

What is the difference between a black and a white golfer - it is money of course.

What is the difference between a black and a white golfer - it is money of course.

Most of the black professionals cannot perform well because they do not have financial muscle, and they are playing the game because of the love of it.

Despite having good and promising black golfers around, they cannot win tournaments playing against their white counterparts because of lack of sponsorship.

Some of the black golfers I spoke to came out clearly that funds were the major obstacle they faced in the game.

They said most of the funds were still channelled to whites and they were ignored.

Some pointed out that without proper sponsorship they cannot practise or go to the gym like their white counterparts, but they still soldier on because of the love of the game.

As a result this affects them psychologically and they cannot perform to the best of their ability because they don't eat well and their fitness levels are at a very low ebb.

Sometimes they have to travel long distances by public transport. Others use their own cars and when they reach their destination they can't rest properly because of lack of accomodation. Some rest in their cars and go straight into the course to compete.

But with white golfers, the situation is different. They are flown to destinations where tournaments are held. They get proper accommodation, rest properly and do not have anything to worry about because their concentration is only on the game itself and they don't have financial worries.

It is unfortunate that most of the black golfers started as caddies and they fell in love with the game as time went on while whites start to play the game at a tender age and grow up knowing the basics.

Some even accompany their parents to driving ranges and to courses to learn more about the game.

Some of the white golfers come from well-to-do families and others get sponsorship with ease, but with blacks it is very difficult.

Some of the black golfers practise at driving ranges where there are no bunkers, trees and water and that is not enough. It would be better if some of the golf courses were made accessible to blacks for practising purposes because there are a number of traps and they could learn faster.