Examining the law and cyberspace

Networking Collaboration in Business.Com and Barend Burgers Attorneys are hosting the 2nd CyberLaw Conference at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria from September 4 to 6.

Cyberlaw is the term used to describe legal issues related to the use of communications technology, particularly around the Internet.

Cyberlaw aims to integrate the challenges presented by human activity on the Internet with the legacy system of laws applicable to the physical world.

"The conference is a must-attend event for directors of IT companies, attorneys, law academics, legal advisors and anyone interested in IT and the law," said Sizwe Snail of Barend Burgers Attorneys. He said last year's inaugural conference was considered to be the high point of the season.

"There will be important presentations by local cyberlaw experts Reinhardt Buys, Carmen Cupido, Delrae Goodburn, Johann Hershensohn, Tana Pistorius, Frans Marx, Joaquim de Gama, Bradley Scop, Chris de Villiers, Jacky Fick and Natalie Sunker, among others. Louis Harms from the supreme court of appeals will welcome delegates," said Snail

He said the conference had been endorsed by the e-law committee of the Law Society and also recommended by the Information and Communication Technology Agency.

The ICTA was formed by interested delegates who attended last year's conference and is coordinated by legal experts, said Snail.

Juta Law and Lexis-Nexis's Law24 have also come aboard with sponsorships for this year's conference.

Further information and registration forms are available on www.bbatt.de or you can e-mail Sizwes@bbatt.de. Alternatively contact the conference organiser directly by calling 083-477-4377.