Do your homework before choosing a business school

Zweli Mokgata

Zweli Mokgata

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can cost more than R95000 a year for full-time studies.

Before enrolling for a course, potential students should make sure the institution offering the MBA is accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE) or they could be disillusioned when looking for work.

For instance, Damelin was one of the tertiary institutions that recently closed its registration doors for MBA degrees following reports that its qualifications were below standard.

"There was a discrepancy about the standard of MBAs being offered a few years ago until the CHE implemented full re-accreditation. Today all you have to do when looking for an MBA is check if it is CHE accredited," said managing director Shaun Kingston.

Those studying for an MBA may be faced with many obstacles if they are not weary of South African tertiary education institutions offering below standard qualifications.

A survey by showed that between 1998 and 2000 the number of graduates in South Africa had risen by 80percent.

At this time there was no formal evaluation of quality of the MBAs offered in the country and any operator could lay claim to being a qualified provider of the course.

Wits Business School academic director Vivika Christianson said: "Until 2004, there was a mushrooming of schools offering the MBA degree. (But) the Council of Higher Education stepped in to maintain standards."