Empower victims to stop the crime

I am impressed with the reserved response of Sowetan at Bheki Cele's bloodthirsty commands that police must shoot in the head if a criminal pulls a gun.

Police are equipped with automatic rifles, pistols and bullet-proof vests. They seldom travel alone and always form big groups when carrying out an operation. What about citizens? A security guard who kills an aggressive armed rapist is thrown in jail as is a spaza-shop owner defending her business.

The Firearms Control Act makes it too expensive for workers to own legal guns. Others give theirs up because they don't have time for the act's vexatious demands.

About 120 police officers are killed in the line of duty every year, a lower number than murdered farmers. More than 18000 civilians are killed every year.

SAPS, led by radical philosophies of anti-gunners, say people must do whatever armed criminals tell them to. But the only way to stop crime is to empower victims.

Our terrible statistics are the logical consequence of a nation conditioned for victimhood by policies that teach submission, obedience and defencelessness. This in the face of a crime wave growing more ruthless and sadistic towards victims who in turn grow more pathetic by the day.

Adrian Louw, Kriel