E koka nkola and hinikeni spawned beverages

Sowetan always prides itself at being in the forefront of finding the people behind inventions, discoveries, making history in this or other issues.

One such claim that's been doing the rounds is of people always saying that; isiShangaani (xiTsonga)-iSilungu, and......here's proof:

English: Take this one.

xiTsonga: Teka le shiwane

English: Hello Sir

xiTsonga: Haeloseni

Sounds similar does it not, and they have the same meaning as well.

Early in those years, the Mkhozi crew remembers the Coca-Cola people who came to advertise a nice cold drink without a name. No-one could name it until they gave it to two old Vatsonga women, later identified as close relatives of Jomo Cosmos' owner, Jomo Sono and Orlando Pirates' team manager Shakes Mashaba. After drinking, the women said, "Aahhhhhhh, e koka nkola" - meaning "it pulls the throat", and they named it: Coca-Cola.

Now the beer guys used the same concept to give their beer a name, Vatsonga are getting popular in naming drinks, and our one time night editor Sy Makaringe and his boxing brother, Joe Makaringe and a few friends were not to be left behind as the Iron Duke convinced them to take part:

Read below:

These beer makers wanted a unique name for their beer...they then came to SA and they asked this group of Africans (Vatsonga) to taste their beer and give it a name. Our Vatsonga brothers downed the beer but said nothing...untill they were very drunk...

The beer makers stopped supplying the beer...then the guys protested and begged for more.


Hinikeni!!!Hinikeni!!!" ("Give us please...")

"Aaaaaaaaaha!!! Heineken......and the rest is history.