Dad distraught but thanks God son is alive

Kamogelo Seekoei

Kamogelo Seekoei

The eyes of Alpheus Mogorosi, the father of Bahumi who escaped death after a gruesome attack, tell the story of a distraught man.

The attack on Bahumi on Sunday left him with his lips sliced off, his left arm chopped off and his genitals severed.

Despite the severe mutilation to his body the 13-year-old boy of Pella in Rustenburg still managed to crawl from the scene of his attack to a nearby hut where he was rescued by other boys who, in turn, called for help.

Bahumi is still fighting for his life at Dr George Mukhari Hospital after his attack.

His sister, Boitumelo, said that before Bahumi was taken to hospital he told her that he did not scream when he was attacked because he was numb with paralysis.

"I think they drugged him before they started chopping off his parts. He said two men used a butcher knife to cut him," said Boitumelo.

The family said this was the second gruesome attack in the area after another boy lost his life about three weeks ago.

Mogorosi said he never thought it would happen to his son. He said he suspected Bahumi was targeted.

"There is no outsider who could have done this. They must have known the time that he normally goes to the kraal to go and feed our livestock."

Putting on a brave face Boitumelo said she could not talk further about her brother's attack because it hurt the entire family.

During the interview, Mogorosi showed signs of restlessness - he continuously dropped, picked up and shook a box of matches.

He also shook his head and held his chin in his hands from time to time.

"I never touched him after he was attacked. He tried to walk and lots of blood spurted from his body," said Mogorosi.

"Even when we got to the hospital I did not touch him."

Mogorosi said he was grateful to God that his son was still alive.

During this interview a neighbour said a day before Bahumi was attacked he saw a suspicious looking man next to the scene of the atrocity.

A case of attempted murder is being investigated by the Rustenburg organised crime unit.