Robbery at cop station points to inside info, say police

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

Police say a daring armed robbery at a Mpumalanga police station, where more than R20000 in cash was stolen early on Monday morning, "left a lot to be desired".

Mpumalanga police believe the incident might have been an inside job because the criminals chose to take money only, and left firearms behind.

Provincial police spokesman, Superintendent Abie Khoabane said four armed robbers wearing balaclavas had entered the Kaapmuiden police station near Malelane at about 1:40am.

"They pointed firearms at the only policeman manning the station at the time. His two colleagues were attending a reported incident at the time," said Khoabane yesterday.

"This simply means the robbers knew exactly what they wanted and its location"

He said the robbers overpowered the policeman and tied him up before demanding keys to the safe.

They took more than R20000 in cash from the safe, but left the firearms behind.

"This simply means the robbers knew exactly what they wanted and its location.

"This is why it becomes difficult not to suspect it may have been an inside job," said Khoabane.

Only three policemen were on duty at the station that morning when they received a call.

Minutes after the two left, the robbers showed up.

It is not clear whether they had a getaway vehicle waiting.

The policeman on duty at the time and who had been tied up, was freed by his colleagues when they returned later.

"I can confirm that a high-level investigation by a task team from the provincial office is in progress," said Khoabane.

No arrests had yet been made, he said.