Government warns rival taxi associations to resolve ongoing dispute

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

The Mpumalanga Department of Roads and Transport has threatened to close down the road between Pretoria and Marapyane if two rival taxi associations do not stop fighting over the route.

Departmental spokesman Vukani Mnyandu yesterday said if the clash between the Marapyane Taxi Association (Mata) and Pretoria Central 11 Taxi Association did not end, the road would be closed.

"If the situation deteriorates and threatens people's lives in the area, the department will declare the route between Pretoria and Marapyane a disputed route and have it closed," said Mnyandu.

Mata has asked the department to restrict their Pretoria rivals from operating in "their area",

Mata claims they were in breach of an agreement signed by the two associations in 2005.

The agreement states the Pretoria taxis should not transport passengers to villages around Marapyane, but should off-load them where local taxis would take them to the villages.

The same applies to the Mata affiliates while in Pretoria.

Mnyandu said the department was aware of the conflict between the two associations.

He said the issue was being attended to by the offices of the registrars in both provinces.

Central Top 11 has obtained an order from the Pretoria high court preventing Mata affiliates from stopping them working in the Marapyane area.

"The issue of reviewing the Central Top 11 Taxi Association route is being dealt with by the Gauteng registrar," said Mnyandu.

Central Top 11 Taxi Association's operating licences are issued by the Gauteng government with Pretoria as their starting point and Marapyane as their destination.