At the age of 26, Tshepo Modiba has the challenging yet glamorous job of being a footwear buyer for Lacoste

Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

Tshepo Modiba's love for fashion inspired the 26-year-old to become a footwear buyer for Lacoste.

"I have a deep love of fashion and it is a lifestyle. It's about feeling comfortable and confident in whatever we do and with the right fashion look and attitude you can create a good first impression with the right people," Modiba says.

Modiba has many responsibilities and a lot of dedication is needed to succeed as a footwear buyer .

"I am responsible for the widest range of Lacoste footwear in South Africa for men, ladies and children. I ensure that what we buy is in line with our market and current international trends," he explains.

"I am also involved in distribution, managing stock across all the stores, overall sales of the product and keeping up-to-date with international trends," Modiba adds

To stay in touch with the needs of his target market, Modiba carries out research by talking to customers, keeping up-to-date with competitors' products and travelling abroad to keep abreast of international fashion trends.

"I am a media junkie. I spend lots of time on the Internet, watching TV and reading fashion magazines. There is a wealth of information out there on fashion trends," explains Modiba.

To secure a job in this field, a fashion-related qualification and experience in the field are highly recommended.

"This industry requires someone with a passion for fashion, good taste, the ability to adapt quickly and an eye for detail," says Modiba.

The job sounds glamorous, but can be challenging. A fashion buyer has to travel a lot, which can be very demanding. But if well planned, it would not be very stressful.