Things that will drive him away

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

We all dream of the perfect relationship, where every day is like a honeymoon. It is close to impossible for both parties to have a harmonious relationship without clashes. These nine things drive men to insanity.

1. Nagging woman

In the Oxford dictionary the word nag means to annoy, badger, bend someone's ear, berate, breathe down someone's neck, worry, harass, hassle, henpeck, pester, plague, provoke, scold, torment. This tops the list of what men loathe. Most men would rather be lonely than keep a nagging woman.

Even the Bible says it's better to sleep on the roof of your house than to live with a nagging woman.

2. Fashion slave

This kind of woman drives men gaga.

Her tastes in fashion change so frequently that you either run out of breath trying to catch up, or end up wondering whether you are too dumb to catch up. Men hate it because most of the time they end up being the ones who have to foot the bill.

3. Smoking woman

Smoking is associated with men. Smoking is understood by men as a sign of masculinity. A dream girl smells like a woman, not like some pub ashtray.

4. Gossiping women

When it comes to character, men can't stand one woman criticising and talking about others.

Colleague Andile April says he can't stand a girlfriend who gossips.

"Nobody is perfect for God's sake. What right do people have to judge others? Moreover, women like to make remarks about other women they don't even know. We men hate the gossip thing, so discuss such things with your friends, not your boyfriend. How I wish that women would stop discussing people and rather discuss ideas."

5. Crying woman

Men hate crybabies. Some women thrive on tears. They wail when they are tired, angry, frustrated or disappointed.

"I once had this girlfriend who cried all the time.

"She cried when she saw a cute baby, a cute dog and at the end of some videos. This is not so bad, but it pisses me off when they use their tears to emotionally blackmail men," said Mzimasi Maseti.

6. Talking too much

Ann Bester, a relationship expert, says women's talkative nature entertains people. She says women's brains easily conceive every minute detail while men do not like to listen to nonessential details.

"The non-stop blabbering irritate some men out of their wits. Tone it down or he will run," Bester warns.

7. Shopping woman

"Not only do they have an endless list, they have to check 10 different things before they finally buy the one they saw first anyway. Have it your way, lady, but leave us out of it," says Maseti.

8. Taking forever to get ready

It takes a woman forever to get ready to go out, while a man takes less than ten minutes.

"What irritates me most is that when my woman is finally ready, she wants to be complimented about how she looks. The annoying thing is that if I tell her how good she looks she will accuse me of being up to something. If on the other hand I criticise her, or pass a negative comment, she will accuse me of being insensitive and lacking taste. That is why we rarely pay women compliments. We try to avoid polemics."

9. I think I'm pregnant

This line is a total turn-off to men. To many men "pregnant" means parting with money.

"Though some men know that having sex without a condom might resultin pregnancy, they go crazy on hearing the dreaded word "pregnant". To them pregnancy means a trolley filled with diapers and baby food and an empty wallet. Do not say it until you know for sure or you risk losing him," says Bester.