Camp fire anecdotes

Israel Nkate

Israel Nkate

In the old days, a fireplace served as the perfect spot for the older generation to tell interesting stories to their grandchildren.

The tradition, it was hoped, would make the little ones better adults. This is what Pastor Isaac Mokgope of the New Covenant Fellowship International in Rustenburg said at the weekend.

Joined by Pastors Manas Kabelo from Life Changers Ministries of Paardekraal and Joseph Mosala of the Faith Temple Ministries International of Boitekong, these leaders revived this tradition at the weekend.

Together with the men and boys segments, the pastors sat around a fire as part of their Men's Camp. The theme was: "The Role of Men in Society."

Mokgope said sitting around the fire was relaxing. "People felt more relaxed and participated in the discussions. During my youth, we used to gather around the fire place to listen to stories from our elders. We have decided to bring back that tradition."

Discussions focused on the relationship between fathers and sons, man as a leader and visionary, and man and his church. Mokgope said in today's society the role of men was ignored.

"As grown up men, we decided to call young men to this camp so that we can mentor them. Young men seem to be drifting away from what God created them for. They model their lives around those of celebrities," he said.

Mokgope hoped that the two-day camp would encourage the youth to get involved in church activities.