Boss denies union claim

Langelihle Chagwe

Langelihle Chagwe

Zalatex Surgical Products manager, Sajeev Joseph, yesterday denied allegations of exploitation levelled against his company by members of Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers' Union.

Reacting to a report in Sowetan yesterday, Joseph said the employees salary scales varied and this depended on experience, qualifications and skills.

His company has a tender from government to produce condoms. He said though his company was not making profit, he paid employees R6,11 an hour.

He said employees' salaries ranged from R4000 to R5000, and this excluded overtime.

He said his company complied with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and nobody was ever denied maternity leave, as had been claimed by workers.

He said factory shifts were from 7am to 6pm, and from 6pm to 7am. These hours were introduced in consultation with the employees.

He said his company ensured that it allocated a minimum of 195 hours of work for each employee and five to 10 hours of overtime a month.

He said about 25 of the employees received 30 to 50 hours of overtime a month and, if a worker took home less than R1100, it would be because of absenteeism.

He said absenteeism was as high as 30percent, especially at night and over weekends.

Union members took to the street yesterday, demanding a 13percent salary increase.