AmaHlubi reject Zulu links

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

AmaHlubi tribe is one of six tribes that will go before the Nhlapo Commission later this month to contest their kingship.

The tribe says it has never been part of the Zulu kingdom.

The once mighty tribe originates from Eastern Congo in the present day DRC and migrated southward as part of the eMbo group from central Africa.

They are known as the Bashubi in Rwanda and Burundi.

Several sources suggest that amaHlubi settled in KwaZulu-Natal as far back as the 13th century and occupied Umzinyathi, Utrecht, Alcockspruit, Newcastle, Mnambithi, Colenso, Mooi River, Mtshezi, Loteni, Bergville and areas along the Klip River and Buffalo River.

AmaHlubi are known to have had run-ins with Zulu king Dingane and his brother, Mpande. Historical documents say Dingane killed Dlomo, a son of King Mthimkulu of AmaHlubi.

Historians suggest that Dlomo was killed because Dingane was about to consolidate his power and was not comfortable with the resurrection of amaHlubi .

He saw this as a threat to his rule and was keen to neutralise nearby tribes who showed an inclination towards autonomous rule.

The documents say that after their conflict with king Mpande, amaHlubi then fled to Mnambithi, under the leadership of Langalibalele, across the Buffalo into Natal in 1848.

They settled along the Klip River - a clear display of a refusal to be subjected to Zulu rule.