Cops nab five with local help

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Appeals by community leaders to residents at Ekombe to hand over suspected criminals and help police paid off this week when five suspects wanted in connection with the murder of a teenager were arrested.

Jabulani Mlambo, 16, was killed by a mob which accused him of stealing a solar panel.

He was beaten with sticks and stoned.

Mlambo died on the scene.

At a meeting chaired by local councillors Sipho Mhlongo and Mkhonzeni Xulu, five suspects were identified as "having played a part in the killing of Mlambo".

Police spokesman Jabulani Mdletshe said the community caught the suspects and handed them over to police unharmed.

Police applauded the community for identifying the suspects and bringing them to the police.

Mdletshe said this was not the first time the community had handed over suspects to the police.

"Because of the good cooperation between the police and the community, crime in the area has decreased.

"The low levels of crime in the area can be attributed to this active community participation and the general respect for the rule of law."

He said the five suspects were in police custody and would appear in court soon.