Communists call for a solution

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

The SACP has called for immediate government intervention to resolve the situation in Khutsong.

Yesterday, SACP spokesman Malesela Maleka said the government should "swallow its pride and listen to the people of Khutsong".

Maleka blamed the situation in Khutsong on the government's insistence that Khutsong be incorporated into North West.

Maleka also said it was the responsibility of the political leadership within the tripartite alliance - including his party, ANC, Cosatu and Sanco - to intervene in Khutsong.

He said the situation had been taken over by criminal elements "who are now denying the people of Khutsong access to basic services including education, health and electricity". Maleka said the use of violence by these criminal elements was undermining the genuine demands of the people of Khutsong to remain part of Gauteng.

"We are still on the side of the political struggles of the people of Khutsong, but we condemn the use of all forms of violence," said Maleka.

His statement comes in the wake of further violent protests in Khutsong with pupils being dragged from classrooms.