Guidance for pupils

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Career guidance and counselling are glaringly scarce yet vital cogs in the education and training of young people in our schools.

Public schools that make time and space for career counselling and guidance nurture pupils who easily negotiate their way towards the right subjects at high school and the correct courses at tertiary level.

In Limpopo, the Mogoto Community Development Council at Mogoto Village in Zebediela is filling the gap.

On August 3, the council together with 12 local high schools and four primary schools, will host a career guidance workshop and exhibition for 34 high schools and six primary schools.

Council official and one of the organisers, Mmalesaka Mashakoe, said the career guidance workshop and exhibition, titled Demystifying Challenges Facing Education, seeks to provide teachers and pupils with information about appropriate subject choices, bursaries, universities, trainee and internship opportunities, as well as other career opportunities.

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