Autobay should be your first stop

Dear Morgan

I am a very confused man. I have saved R80000 which I want to use to buy a car.

I've been to auctions but I am confused over which car to buy. Which car do you recommend? Do you think I should buy a secondhand car? I am a very tall man, so small cars are out of the question. Also, please advise me which is the best way of buying a car. - Gabriel

Dear Gabriel

Let's start with your height. What you need is a car with good legroom and plenty of space for the driver to allow you to change gears or rest your left foot comfortably.

Headroom is also a consideration for exceptionally tall drivers.

I would look around for reputable used car dealerships. My advise is, you should look for a used Toyota Camry (big and spacious) or even an old Hyundai Sonata. Don't be impressed by fast-talking salespeople, take your time and make sure you are happy with your final choice. Remember to consult the Automobile Association, which has a new division called AA Autobay. This is supposed to be a safer way of acquiring or selling your used vehicle. Some of the questions that AA Autobay suggest you ask when you are looking for a used car include: has the vehicle been in any accident? Has the car ever been stolen and then recovered? Does the car have a service history that can be verified? Is the mileage genuine or could it have been tampered with? Is the mileage and condition of the car consistent with the actual age? You should get the vehicle checked and assessed for mechanical problems as well.