More misery for 'sex-blogger'

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Charges against the alleged Internet sex-blogger could be amended to include crimen injuria after a top politician laid a charge.

Juan-Duval Uys, 39, who appeared in the Cape Town magistrates' court yesterday, may be sued for defamation by Independent Democrats deputy leader, Simon Grindrod.

"I have laid two charges against Uys, one of fraud and another of crimen injuria," Grindrod told Sowetan.

Uys, who is accused of running the blog SA Male Prostitute on which he posed as a former male prostitute called Skye, named Grindrod and other prominent South Africans as his clients.

A weekend newspaper reported that Uys claimed a presidential guard was a client. He also threatened to reveal private information about the president, raising the interest of the National Intelligence Agency.