Govt to scan business corruption

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

A survey to understand the extent of corruption in the private sector will begin next month, Minister for Public Service and Administration Geraldine Fraser- Moleketi said in Johannesburg yesterday.

She emphasised that the survey was not a probe, but a "study" to assess corruption and to look at the extent to which the private sector had implemented the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act and other obligations.

"The survey is targeted at companies in South Africa and companies with operations in other countries. The survey will be carried out with a national survey of 1500 businesses that employ 50 or more people at site level," said Fraser-Moleketi, pictured.

She said the survey would focus on the business environment including obstacles to doing business, problems of corruption within the business sector, transparency and bribery by companies in foreign countries.

The survey would be conducted telephonically and through on-line questionnaires. The results would be published in October.

"They will contribute substantially towards coordinated efforts to prevent and combat corrupt activities. The results will also assist government in fulfilling our reporting requirements vis-a-vis the UN convention against corruption," she said.

The survey is voluntary, but she expected full cooperation.