Vlok wants to meet NPA

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

Former Vlakplaas death squad commander Eugene de Kock has requested an urgent meeting with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), possibly to spill the beans on the role played by former President FW de Klerk in human rights abuses during apartheid.

De Kock's request came a few days after De Klerk publicly denied any knowledge of human rights violations.

It also came a week after the NPA announced it would charge apartheid-era Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok and commissioner of police General Johann Van der Merwe for the attempted murder of Frank Chikane, director-general in the Presidency.

NPA spokesman Panyaza Lesufi yesterday said De Kock had contacted the NPA requesting a meeting.

"I can confirm that we are considering his request. At the moment there is no information that has been presented formally to the NPA regarding the possible involvement of De Klerk in human rights abuses," he said.

"There is no investigation on our side against De Klerk."

He said the NPA would only decide on investigating and possibly prosecuting De Klerk after it had met with De Kock.

Lesufi said the meeting would take place "soon".

De Kock, pictured, who is serving a 212-year term for his role in numerous apartheid-era human rights violations, led death squads made up of former liberation armies cadres, called Askaris.

The death squads were based at Vlakplaas, a farm used by the security police to interrogate captured members of the ANC and the PAC .

De Kock and Van der Merwe are to appear in court next month for the attempted murder of Chikane.

De Klerk described recent media reports that Vlok and Van der Merwe were to implicate him in apartheid-era human rights abuses as "unreasoned and unfounded".

He said the stories in the newspapers had "harmed my reputation immensely and had made it difficult for me to continue playing a constructive role nationally and internationally".