Sokhela blasts media for lowering morale

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

The media was given a tongue-lashing by AmaZulu soccer boss Patrick Sokhela in Durban yesterday.

Sokhela lambasted the media, especially from KwaZulu-Natal, saying its negative reporting resulted in his team having to play to stay in the PSL.

AmaZulu narrowly escaped being auctioned at the 11th hour after Sokhela on Tuesday paid the outstanding R25million to Pat Malabela, from whom he purchased the status to play in the PSL.

"The reports of the team being auctioned made life so difficult for me, my family and the players.

"The players were affected so much that we had to call a psychologist to talk to them, all because of bad publicity from the media," said Sokhela.

He said when he failed to raise the money, KwaZulu-Natal reporters were the first to report that the team was going under the hammer.

"I am not saying you don't have to criticise, but do it in a constructive manner. Build instead of destroying other black people who try but struggle. None of you bothered to know why I was not paying Malabela, and you did not even care. All that was important to you was to sell your newspapers.

"I had a problem because of the public servants strike. I couldn't find anyone at the deeds office, but you didn't care," he said.

Sokhela said if it were not for Irvin Khoza, the team would not have remained in the elite league.

"Khoza played a big role and is one of the people who are in soccer for the benefit of others," said Sokhela.

He threatened to sue any newspaper that would write negatively about him or the team.

"AmaZulu is an institution, and we would like it to be treated as such."