'Baby with four legs is bad luck'

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

The Shembe Nazareth Baptist Church believes the families of the Limpopo couple who gave birth to a baby with four legs must undergo a cleansing cere mony to rid themselves of bad luck in future.

The Reverend Ebenezer Monyeki of Johannesburg said the cleansing ceremony should be done at the baby's funeral. The church leader told Sowetan yesterday that he believed what the family had experienced was bad luck, which should never be allowed to happen again.

"I believe what happened to the family is connected to the ancestors of the two families. They therefore need a cleansing ceremony," said Monyeki.

He said the families also needed proper counselling to overcome the experience.

"The families would not have experienced any problem had they conducted traditional rituals before the birth of the baby," he said.

Monyeki said for the cleansing to be effective, the families should slaughter a goat and use its blood to cleanse themselves. He said based on what happened , it was clear that the ancestors were angry with the families.

Meanwhile, the baby's body had not been released to the family by yesterday.