Techno-match for love turns to death screens

Book: Death Match

Book: Death Match

Author: Lincoln Child

Publisher: Arrow Books

Reviewer: Nthabisang Moreosele

Death Match is an unusual book in that it deals with the subject of love but it does not have a single smutty passage or any gooey love bits.

The book is about an American industrial giant, as big as IBM and others, which is revolutionising the way American citizens mate.

Eden Inc has made a name for itself as a perfect matchmaker and brought respectability to the industry.

Then the murders begin and the company faces a serious threat to it reputation and expansion plans. Enter Christopher Lash, a forensic psychologist with a dark past.

Eden Inc wants the forensic psychologist to make the problem go away. His investigation takes him all over the place, with a cast of a thousand suspects.

Lash is unable to be objective and is willingly led astray by the killer.

Death Match is a good thriller if you can suspend your judgment about Eden Inc's line of business.

After all, the book is not so inconceivable considering that Americans can package anything and sell it to the rest of the world.

The twist at the end of Death Match is a timely reminder to the reader that not all technical advancements are a boon to mankind.