Just what planet are you on?

Nothing beats the feeling of being wanted, especially by someone who has walked away with the hot accolade.

Nothing beats the feeling of being wanted, especially by someone who has walked away with the hot accolade.

But the embarrassment of mistaking her polite gesture as that of interest can prove downright mortifying. Take clues from the zodiac.


If the sun sign Aries is attracted to you, you'll know it.

An Aries woman is often likely to ask a guy out herself. Most Aries prefer to chase than to be chased. Love and lust at first sight is common.

Arians tend to give into their impulses and are always trying something different. Try to avoid having too many expectations about a date.

And be prepared for anything - the more unexpected and exciting the better.


Getting a date with a Taurus can be difficult. Taureans aren't shy but they are reserved. Many times you will question whether they are attracted to you or not. Mutual acquaintances or being set up by friends tend to work better.

When a Taurus likes someone they are not obvious. And once involved, a Taurus tends to be inclinded to take things slowly.

They are not really interested in trying different things or in a wide variety of dates.


Getting a date with a Gemini tends to be easier than with other signs. They are easy-going and new people interest them.

In fact, almost everything interests them. It can be confusing because a Gemini isn't always attracted to the person they are dating - they just find them interesting. It is usually prudent to wait until the Gemini shows more obvious signs of attraction before you get too involved.


Cancers aren't easy to figure out. They often seem to have two personalities. One is very outgoing, funny and quirky.

The other is shy, moody and downright antisocial. It usually depends on their mood. How to know if a Cancerian is attracted to you also depends on their mood. If they are in a good mood their signals tend to be obvious and they can be outrageous flirts.


A Leo will usually let you know they are interested. They are confident and can be aggressive in going after someone.

When attracted, a Leo will usually smile and show off, trying to impress you. They can be big flirts but also tend to be affectionate.

Leos tend to be protective but very bossy. They usually do the asking and planning of a date.

They enjoy social events but also getting cosy. Don't try to push them into doing something they don't want to do.


Virgos are usually shy. They won't approach you and it isn't easy to know if they are attracted to you or not. Usually the only way to tell is if they get more reserved around you - which isn't a big help.

They are picky about who they will go out with. This is mostly because a Virgo will spend too much time analysing you, and how they feel, and if it will work out. Dating doesn't come easily to Virgos because they are uptight.


Libras are easy-going and are interested in establishing relationships. They have natural social abilities and are rarely flustered. This makes it easier to ask them out.

A Libran will let you know they are attracted to you with smiles and charm.


It isn't easy to read a Scorpio. They can be reserved and there is usually a sense of them watching and maybe judging you.

Deciding if a Scorpio is attracted to you can be confusing. They will often play many games. Perhaps the best way to tell for sure is to look into their eyes. If they agree to or ask for a date be assured they are interested, usually very interested - they do nothing halfway.


Sagittarians tend to be open and friendly. They are easy to approach and have such a fun-loving attitude, it usually isn't hard to ask for a date.

If a Sagittarius is attracted to you, they'll let you know. Girls are just as likely as guys to ask. Telling signs of a Sagittarius attraction are playing the comedian, trying to impress you, and a lot of casual touching.


Capricorns are reserved and socially conscious. It isn't always obvious if a Capricorn is attracted to you. Either they will approach you in a direct and simple manner or expect you to do so.

Capricorns are not impressed by anything silly or frivolous and making a scene is unforgivable to them. They are not easy to get to know but their reservedness can be intriguing.


Aquarians are friendly and tend to have many friends. It can be confusing when you're wondering if the Aquarian is attracted to you or not. A casual get-together as a first date usually works best so you have more time to figure them out.

Even so, Aquarius people are very unpredictable. They are usually social butterflies and it's hard to pin them down.


Pisces make good listeners and are naturally sympathetic. When they are attracted to you they tend to smile and touch you and sometimes blush for no reason when your eyes meet.

Pisces are very emotional and it can be overwhelming. They enjoy making emotional connections to people and anything brash is likely to turn them off. - ehow.com