Media and state accomplices in destroying youth

The media is awash with murders and rapes. This has now become the norm.

The media is awash with murders and rapes. This has now become the norm.

There are paedophiles waiting around every corner to pounce on innocent children.

What makes it worse is that our justice system seems to protect the criminals more than the victims. This is why our crime rate is on the increase. Today children are being forced into situations for which they are not mentally prepared.

They are bombarded with images of sex and encouraged to display sexuality from an early age. Young girls are encouraged to dress immodestly and wear make-up. They are brainwashed into thinking that women are sex objects.

Young boys are bombarded with images of beautiful women that awaken their sexual feelings before they are able to mentally cope with them. No wonder there are so many rapists out there.

Media is a powerful tool and no matter how much we try to deny it, it is the media that is destroying our youth.

And the government is no better. We are not allowed to reprimand our children yet they have the right to obtain condoms and HIV tests without our knowledge or consent.

And they talk about moral regeneration. What a joke!

What people need are values that translate into a peaceful, safe and tranquil society. A society where women are safe and respected and where children can play without fear.

Mariam Salie, Athlone