The denseness of our daily lives

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Johannesburg art lovers and dealers will be given an insight into talented visual artist Arlene Amaler-Raviv's work.

She exhibits at Worldart in Johannesburg on July 26.

The exhibition will be opened by revered South African print master William Kentridge and will run until August 31.

There are more than 70 works on display including 2mx2m canvases and 53 iconic postcard-size images.

As part of her search to understand her own birthplace, Johannesburg, Amaler-Raviv who is now based in Cape Town, confronts the denseness of our daily urban lives and the sense of remoteness and dissociation that can develop from this.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions and art projects.

Amaler-Raviv is widely represented in many major private and public collections across the world.

She and renowned photographer, Dale Yudelman, represented South Africa in the 2003 Cuba Biennale in Havana.