Stepmom gets jail for abuse

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

A Vereeniging magistrate yesterday sentenced a 35-year-old woman to three years in jail for assaulting her six-year-old stepson.

Magistrate Rieta Willemse sentenced Busisiwe Ndzumo of Orange Farm, Vaal, to three years in jail, suspended the term for five years.

She was also placed under 24-hour house arrest and 12 months correctional supervision.

Willemse said, though the assault was a one-off incident, an appropriate sentence had to be imposed on her.

Ndzumo physically assaulted her stepson, Richard Msami at her Orange Farm home on October 16 last year.

She first hit the boy with her shoe, tied his legs with a rope and then whipped him with a belt.

Richard sustained injuries after the beating resulting in criminal charges being laid against Ndzumo.

Ndzumo, and Richard's father, Dumisani Msami, have since separated.

Ndzumo may not leave her house without prior approval, except for work and emergencies.

She was also prohibited from taking alcohol and drugs.