Parents must do more to protect their children

What is being done to encourage parents to look out for their children? Why do parents leave their children unattended at a time when rape is so common?

I can remember from an early age how my mother stressed that I shouldn't play in parks, and to scream if someone touches me. My mother never let me out of her sight.

A two-year-old child playing outdoors with a cousin is unacceptable. I don't even let my 11-year-old go to the car alone if it is parked outside our gate.

I may be ignorant about what actually happens when children are kidnapped and may be talking out of turn, but I think that parents must be educated to watch out for suspicious people and to never let their children out of their sight.

Why aren't parents more vigilant? We are to blame if a child is hurt.

Why does it happen? It can't be social situations, alcohol abuse or poverty. Nothing explains the need to rape a baby or child. I can only assume there is something mentally wrong with these people and the problem lies deep within their brains and nature is playing a wicked trick on us all.

The daily reports of missing children is causing me sleepless nights.

The media should make more effort to get the message out to parents. For God's sake, watch your children.

Tracey Horn, Randburg