I will never love again, says Fassie

Hip-hop star Bongani Fassie, son of the late Afro-pop diva Brenda Fassie, is hurting.

Hip-hop star Bongani Fassie, son of the late Afro-pop diva Brenda Fassie, is hurting.

The 22-year-old told Sowetan that he would never love again after being dumped by a girl he had thought he would spend the rest of his life with.

He claims his girlfriend of one year, Kamogelo Mampe, who plays Palesa in Muvhango pulled the plug on their relationship recently.

"Kamogelo hurt me so much that I have decided to be a player from now on. She knew that I loved her with every beat of my heart but she decided to play with my heart," said Fassie.

"When she said she didn't want me, I just said, okay. She called me a day later but I didn't answer her calls. She used me. It is clear that Kamogelo did not love me. She did not love Bongani as a person but Bongani as Brenda Fassie's son.

"She came having this idea of glamour, milk and honey. Because I was Brenda Fassie's son, she thought things came on a silver plate. Unfortunately, things do not work that way."

Fassie said that when he met Mampe she had just joined the Muvhango cast.

"I was attracted to a pretty girl who looked innocent, descent and calm. After a few appearances in Muvhango, fame got to her head. She started doing things."

Fassie declined to say what the "things" Mampe was doing were.

He said he just wanted to put his relationship woes behind him and concentrate on his career. He is busy with his next project.

His work includes Runnin Biz. This was a project with Shiman ECT and Makana Square, which he released under his own label, Fassie Records.

Meanwhile, Mampe is reported to be seeing a local soccer star who plays for a Pretoria club. Efforts to reach Mampe for a comment drew a blank as she never answered her phone.