SACP jeers Mbeki

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

President Thabo Mbeki's move not to attend the SACP's 12th national congress yesterday was not a wise one on his part because, in his absence, he became the subject of rebuke and criticism from delegates.

This first happened when ANC secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe apologised on Mbeki's behalf for his non-attendance. Many of the delegates jeered while others muttered to show their disapproval.

Mbeki had been expected to be the main speaker at the congress, but stayed away in what has been interpreted as shunning the SACP's congress.

As if this was not enough, as soon as Motlanthe finished speaking, delegates started singing: "Thabo Mbeki, siyabuza ngubani obulal' uChris Hani simthanda", which means: Thabo Mbeki we ask you, who killed our beloved Christ Hani.

Even SACP chairman Charles Nqakula struggled to stop the singing

and toyi-toying.