BMW has fans the world over

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

It's weird how we think that senior citizens do not understand that much about the latest technology.

That is until an old guy tells you that it has always been his dream to go for a ride in your latest acquisition.

You look at him with some doubt, but to your surprise he ends up knowing a lot more than you ever imagined about the motor world.

This happened to me when I was driving that beautiful lounge on wheels, the BMW 760i.

As I was chatting to the old guy - who happens to be a relative of mine - it soon became apparent that he knew a lot about the 760i. He even commented that the new seven series appeared more attractive than its smart predecessor.

He said he was incredibly excited when he saw the BMW parked at his gate because it was as if his dream had finally come true.

Dream car? And this guy is already pushing 80!

But more about this amazing machine. It can spoil you rotten, making you feel pampered on the ride to and from work every day. I even found myself complaining less about the N1 traffic and I was also able to evade all those highway "bachelors" keen to take me out for a quick coffee.

But back to the BM. Under its skin lies a V12 Valvetronic monster pumping 327kW at 6000rpm and 600Nm of torque.

This baby costs R1089 500.