The brouhaha surrounding Ekurhuleni Metro police boss Robert McBride is cause for great concern.

The latest media reports have painted him as an arrogant bully who has no respect for his subordinates. He allegedly swore at police officers and threatened to shoot them last Wednesday.

Another disturbing incident was the arrest of two police officers who have since dismissed his version relating to his car crash in December last year. The two, Patrick Johnson and Stanley Segathevan, were freed the following day after the NPA established there was no evidence to charge them.

Without casting any aspersions, McBride should realise that a person holding a position as he does should not always be clouded in controversies.

The authorities must move swiftly to hold an inquiry into claims that he lied about his car crash. A probe should also be conducted to establish if the arrest of the two officers who turned against him was bona fide or an act of revenge.

These investigations will help clear the already tarnished image of the Metro police in Ekurhuleni.