Crime will not affect 2010

The recently released crime statistics left me worried.

The recently released crime statistics left me worried.

If our jails are overcrowded, who are the people causing havoc and running amok?

Murders, possession of illegal guns, car theft, hijackings and cash heists have gone up. This means we have lost our morality and we no longer have humanity or ubuntu.

Bank robberies tell a story of greed. Because people want to drive flashy cars, they hijack cars.

My main concern is that the criminals are never found and jailed. Most police officers work hard and are dedicated to their jobs. They even campaigned for people to hand in illegal guns and ammunition. But if the latest statistics are anything to go by, it seems people did not heed the call.

Crimes by people arrested with illegal guns have increased. We are also criminals because we do not return the guns or report our sons who are in possession of those dangerous weapons.

The Rugby World Cup, the African Cup of Nations, the World Conference Against Racism and the World Summit on Sustainable Development all came and passed without any crime being reported. I agree with the top cops that the 2010 World Cup will also come and go without crime.

Joseph Kgomo, Pretoria