Help caregiver register the orphanage instead of closing it

I never thought that taking care of children would one day be referred to as illegal.

Eunice Mabaso has devoted 12 years of her life to care for orphans at her own expense. She gave them the love that all children long for. And now that kindness is called illegal.

Something could have been done instead of closing the centre. Instead of taking a quick decision to close the orphanage, the social workers could have taken the better decision to help Mabaso register the centre.

I believe Mabaso is caring for the orphans, not to gain access to their grants, but to avoid seeing them roaming the streets and becoming street children.

The social workers must understand the pain they are causing the children having to adapt to the alternative centres. I am appealing to them to please take the children back to Mabaso and speed up her registration application to operate legally.

Elsie Huma, Johannesburg