Surveyor will sue after baboon slur

Vuyolwethu Sangotsha

Vuyolwethu Sangotsha

An Eastern Cape surveyor is taking legal action against his white former boss for allegedly calling him a baboon.

Surveyor Zette Walaza said he had been working for a Port Elizabeth construction company for the past four months when "an angry and shouting" Andrea van Schalkwyk called him a baboon before sacking him in front of his white and black colleagues.

"I had just parked a company vehicle when a furious Van Schalkwyk came and said: 'hey you baboon get out of my place, take your things and leave'.

"I was very shocked and did not know what to do because I had done nothing wrong," he added.

Walaza said Van Schalkwyk refused to give him any explanation for firing him. He said he asked one of his white colleagues why they kept quiet while he was being humiliated.

The colleague told Walaza that he was confused and did not know what to do. Walaza went to report the case at Walmer police but was instead allegedly advised to consult his lawyers.

Walaza has now consulted his lawyers and the matter has also been reported to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.

When contacted for comment, an angry Van Schalkwyk said: "What's your problem? This f...g problem has got nothing to do with you. You can put it in the Sowetan if you like but you must make sure that you have got enough evidence because I won't hesitate to consult my lawyers."