Wild Coast has desired tranquility

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

KwaZulu-Natal's south coast has a reputation for having a sleepy, relaxed way of life.

It also has an authentic tradition of fishing for fun, the tastiest prawns, the most undiscovered vegetation and of course the free easy access to tourist attractions such as the beaches and entertainment facilities of the Wild Coast Casino and Resort.

Still, I wasn't so enthusiastic about the idea of doing a write-up on the area. No one has raved about the place since the launch of the casino in the 1980s. The last time I heard anything about the area was when singer Mara Louw almost lost her life in the raging waters of the Wild Coast.

I played the "post-card scene" in my head exactly as it appears on the Sun International website. The original plan was that I leave the city of gold for the banana city on Friday. But as things hardly ever go as planned, I ended up leaving on Saturday morning.

Nonetheless I arrived to warm hospitality at the Wild Coast. As I landed at Margate Airport, a few kilometres away from the resort, a gentleman was at the gate holding a board with my name. He helped with my bags and we headed off to the famous Wild Coast Casino.

Situated on the east coast of South Africa, the Wild Coast is a pristine sub-tropical Eden that time has forgotten.

For gamblers it is truly a paradise - our own Las Vegas.

Day and night the slot machines are always surrounded by desperate gamblers.

Yours truly is a gambler, but the Wild Coast Casino patrons are simply overdoing it. Enough about gamblers.

The hotel is immaculate. For a resort that has been around for some time, I must admit I was impressed. The hotel staff were very friendly and accommodating. They willingly showed me through the various entertainment areas.

How can I forget the weather - it is so beautiful during this time of the year. The beach is warm, the breeze rejuvenating and the sun not as harsh as in most tropical areas. This kind of weather seems to inspire even non-readers to invest in a good book so one can just laze around and watch the scenery from the beach chaises. Otherwise, you could take out your camera and head for the beach early in the morning and capture life as you will never see it except on the beaches such as those in Hawaii.

If you are lucky enough you can get pictures of local Zionists "cleansing away bad luck" some way from the tourist designated areas or locals filling up the 20litre buckets with sea water because it is believed to induce good luck. Life does not get more enchanting.

All in all I had the time of my life at the Wild Coast Casino and Resort. Too bad my stay was short. I would have loved to stay for a few more days or maybe a week, even months, or years.