Launches can be fun but also so frivolous

H So I promised last week that I would dish out the lowdown on the launch of SABC1's new gossip show, The Real Goboza.

H So I promised last week that I would dish out the lowdown on the launch of SABC1's new gossip show, The Real Goboza.

I was expecting a lot of people to attend so I geared myself up for the experience on a cold Friday evening, only to be disappointed by how few people were there. American Chris Brown was there and I think he became a little too big-headed in my country.

I was a bit worried when they said Dineo Ranaka was going to present the show. Somebody please shoot me, and I mean it.

Trevor Noah is perfect for the show. I couldn't understand why such a gorgeous man like Trevor would be put on a graveyard show on YFM because he has the face for TV. How do I say this politely ... Dineo, you have a face for radio.

H I think that it's high time we stopped reporting on Khanyi Mbau. She has become a real bore. It's very clear that she's acting and fabricating almost everything about her life. She is, after all, a bloody good actress and we all know it. I mean why the heck would Chris Brown want to take Khanyi home with him? For what?

The album she's been talking about is produced by Andy Magazz. Question ... How can he produce a hit for her when he has failed with all his albums? To match up to the standard of the late divas Mathosa and Fassie, you might have to change your producer immediately or I'll pronounce your album a flop right now.

H I saw Ntando briefly after a very long time at the RGB launch. He was looking rather scary for someone who was once what every woman wanted. He looked as if he hadn't slept for three nights due to watching late-night movies.

I wonder what he's been up to, or could he have been in the studio recording? We miss you Ntando, where are you?

H Before all the Friday drama, I went to Oluchi's O' model search launch. I must say the girl is tall, a real super model. I saw the 2005 Face of Africa winner, Kaone Kario, from Botswana.

I'm not sure if she's dating David Kau or one of the Kwela Tebza group members who have been very actively involved with these model chicks.

Anyway somebody needs to tell those boys to change their attire or costume, or whatever you call it.

H Nhlanhla Nciza launched her brand last Tuesday. I must say she's always had style and she is a diva. We love her. Mwah!

H I think Bozza from Skwatta Kamp, Thabiso Mokhethi and Sphiwe Mtshali from Generations should form a club called "Ugly girl dating". They are always surrounded by these high school girls who try too hard and, as a result, mess the whole thing up.

H I'm off to another party and yes, I will be telling you guys all about it next week. Bye for now.