Reinstatement follows talks

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Award-winning sports presenterRobert Marawa was yesterday back on air after he had been "pulled off" for almost two weeks, the SABC confirmed yesterday.

The public broadcaster did not give any reason for having "pulled him off" or for having brought him back or whether any disciplinary measures had been taken against him and, if so, for what transgressions.

But Bob Mabena, general manager of the SABC's commercial radio division, did reveal that talks between Marawa and the SABC had been held.

Mabena said: "The details of these discussions are between Robert Marawa and ourselves, but . we are happy that the issues have been resolved as we believe Robert has a valuable role to play in Metro FM's continued success."

Mabena maintained that contrary to media reports, Marawa was not dismissed, "nor were the transgressions of our policies directly related to who he did and did not interview during his treatment of the PSL-SABC issue," Mabena said yesterday.

"Marawa has been off the air since Monday, June 18, while internal discussions around his adherence to the corporation's editorial policies were being held."

Apart from his Metro FM job, Marawa also works for SuperSport as a sports presenter. And, while he was off air, there was strong speculation that Marawa's Auckland Park bosses were not happy that he had invited his SuperSport bosses on to his show to discuss the fall-out following the award of the rights to broadcast soccer games live to SuperSport ahead of the public broadcaster.

Sowetan understands that Marawa's reinstatement followed intense behind-the-scenes negotiations during the talks between the SABC and the sports presenter.