Three killed and 39 injured in Kokstad

Kamva Mokoena

Kamva Mokoena

Three people died and 39 others were seriously injured in two separate road accidents in Kokstad in the south of KwaZulu-Natal yesterday.

In the first incident the driver of a speeding truck allegedly lost control of the vehicle and collided with two other vehicles before swerving.

The cause of the accident is still unknown. Then 2km from the accident - about two hours later - a bus carrying 30 passengers on the N2 to Kokstad collided with two other vehicles.

One of the vehicles burst into flames, but its driver and passenger managed to escape unhurt. A person from the second vehicle died instantly.

It is suspected that the black smoke from a veld fire that engulfed the freeway could have caused drivers not to be able to see.

"We could not see anything. I then heard a blast and the bus rolled."

Police are investigating.