Cops urge families to call them

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

The Kwa-Mbonambi police in northern KwaZulu-Natal have urged the families of two unknown women, whose bodies were found in a forest near Richards Bay at the weekend, to contact their nearest police station.

The bodies of the women, aged between 25 and 35, were dumped in Sappi forests near Richards Bay Minerals.

Police spokesman Jabulani Mdletshe said one of the women had dreadlocks and the other had braided hair.

"They were found fully clothed - one in a brown shirt and black trousers, the other in brown trousers and a blouse," said Mdletshe.

He said robbery had been ruled out as the motive for the killings because both women had gold earrings and neck chains.

"One had a wedding band on her finger. We think they were strangled because a piece of rope was found at the scene," said Mdletshe.